Pan-Seared Seafood Cake w/ black eye pea salsa$8

Foie Gras terrine w/ berry compote  $18

Suzhou Style Smoked Fish  $12

Tiny Soup Dumplings w/ pork stuffing  $8

vegetarian mock Duck  $8

Crispy Soft Shell Crab w/ spicy mango dressing  $8

drunken chicken $12

snow pea shoots w/ golden fungus $10

thai style chicken patties $8

vietnamese jellyfish w/ papaya $8

black fungus w/ szechuan ginger dressing $8

pumpkin, red dates, & lily bulbs $8



Tom Yum Lobster Pumpkin soup $6

roasted duck consomme $6

crab meat & fish maw soup $6

sea cucumber & fish mousse potage $6

bird's nest soup $25



lobster & avocado fruit salad MP

waldorf grilled chicken salad $8

mixed greens salad $8

thai seafood salad $12


From the Garden

Bean Curd sheets w/ edamame & mustard green$16

Eggplant w/ basil sauce  $16

Sauteed Bean Shoots w/ savory stock  $20

braised tofu w/ crab meat$20

sponge gourd w/ crab meat sauce $18

braised wild mushroom w/ asparagus $20

deluxe assorted vegetables $20

braised tofu w/ scallop floss & egg white sauce

sauteed asparagus, celery, & lily bulbs $18


From the sky

crispy Fried Chicken w/ garlic sauce  half $20 whole $36

pan-seared duck breast w/ glazed apples & blueberry compote  $22

Herb Marinated chicken thigh w/ mushroom sauce  $18

Wood Bucket Chicken w/ basil & ginger sauce  $18

szechuan style chili chicken $20

Peking Duck  $38 (reservation required)


From the land

Mulan dry aged (30 days) rib eye  $40

Angus Sirloin Steak  $22

*Served with your choice of Mulan Steak Sauce, Red Wine Glaze or Wild Mushroom Sauce

Crispy Peking Pork Chop  $22

Moroccan Spiced Rack of Lamb  $28

Teriyaki Cubed steak$28

Meatball w/ crab meat & dry scallop sauce$20

spare ribs w/ aged vinaigrette sauce $24

wu-bsi spare ribs $22


From the sea

pan-seared Chilean Sea Bass w/ Longjing (Dragon Well) tea leaves  $30

Char-Grilled Salmon Steak w/ corn salsa  $24

Braised Sea Cucumber w/ brown sauce  $42

stir-fried king prawn w/ spicy pineapple sauce  $28

Steamed Sea Bass w/ pickled greens & bamboo shoots $30

Steamed Sliced Conch w/ scallions  $42

Walnut Shrimp w/ mayo Dressing  $22

Sliced fish & shrimp in wine reduction sauce  $20

poached perch fillet in spicy stock $24

sea cucumber stuffed w/ shrimp $68

thai style crispy wheat flake salmon collar $16

wok-fried calamari & bacon

slow braised abalone w/ oyster sauce $28

dungeness crab (served any style) MP

maine lobster (served any style) mp

Rice & Noodles

Seafood Noodle soup$16

Korean Style Rice Cake w/ baby octopus  $16

Golden Egg fried rice$16

Pad Thai  $16

stir-fry beef udon$16

Seafood Paella  $16


fall favorites (limited time only)

pickled three treasures $18

beef short rib bao (4) $12

sticky rice w/ pork belly & taro $20

double steamed chinese soup MP

Soy glazed squab shanghai style $18

pan-seared chilean wagyu steakhouse salad $48

thai style king prawn w/ crispy wheat flakes $28

cantonese style soft shell crabs $28

seafood curry w/ half lobster $28

sliced beef in spicy & sour clear broth w/ glass noodles $22

szechuan style spicy fish fillet & tofu $20

steamed seafood & tofu in lotus leaf $26

bbq slow roasted pork belly w/ grilled pineapples $22



Lime & Ginger Creme Brûlée $6

Homemade Rose Ice Cream  $6

Lychee, Mango, & Coconut Sorbet  $6

Chocolate Lava Cake w/ raspberry sauce  $7

tempura banana w/ vanilla ice cream  $6

Herb Jelly w/ mango in coconut milk  $6

Purple Sweet Potato & Walnut Cake  $6


Prix Fixe Dinner $36


Pan-Seared Seafood Cake w/ mixed greens salad & bean salsa



Tom Yum lobster pumpkin soup


Entree (choose one)

Char-Grilled Angus sirloin steak w/ Mulan steak sauce

crispy seared trout w/ coconut curry glaze

Baked Herb marinated chicken thigh w/ wild mushroom sauce



Sweet Potato Cake w/ vanilla ice cream