drunken chicken  $6

cold eggplant salad  $4

Seasoned edamame  $4

crispy pan-seared fish skin  $4

snow pea shoots w/ golden jelly mushrooms  $4

vietnamese jellyfish w/ papaya  $4

black jelly mushrooms w/ ginger dressing  $4

Thai Style Chicken Patties  $4

fried crab rolls  $4

mixed greens salad  $4

waldorf chicken salad  $4


russian broth  $3

seafood pumpkin potage  $3

pork rib soup w/ daikon $3


from the land

taiwanese style braised pig's knuckles  $9

braised beef brisket  $9

stir-fry beef teriyaki  $9

peking pork chops  $9

Bbq beef short ribs  $10

soy glazed pork chops  $10

from the sky

kung pao chicken  $9

szechuan chili chicken  $10

grilled citrus chicken thigh  $9

braised (lo shui) chicken thigh  $9

seafood noodle soup $13


from the sea

sauteed shrimp w/ scrambled eggs  $9

braised tofu w/ shrimp  $9

Walnut shrimp in mayo sauce  $10

diced fish fillet w/ sweet corn  $9

sliced fish & shrimp in wine reduction sauce  $9

wok-fried calamari & bacon  $10

crispy-skinned salmon  $10


from the garden


sauteed asparagus, celery, & lily bulbs  $9

bean curd sheets w/ edamame & mustard greens  $8

basil eggplant  $8

creamy bok choy w/ fish mousse  $8

braised tofu w/ crab meat  $10

assorted deluxe vegetables  $10

*Pick any entree and make it a combo for $12.99. Served with bottomless soup of the day and your choice of white or brown rice.


Deluxe Prix-Fixe Lunch  $30


Pan-Seared Seafood Cake w/ green salad & bean salsa



Tom Yum Lobster Pumpkin Soup

Entree (choose one)

Char- Grilled Angus Sirloin steak w/ Mulan steak sauce

crispy seared trout w/ coconut curry glaze

Baked Herb Marinated chicken thighw/ wild mushroom sauce



Sweet Potato Cake w/ vanilla ice cream


DELUXE LUNCH Box  $10.50

*Monday thru friday, served until 3:30pm

bbq beef short ribs

stout-braised beef brisket

salmon steak

soy glazed pork chops

braised (lo shui) chicken thigh

pan-seared trout

assorted vegetable deluxe

grilled tuscan chicken thigh

*Includes soup of the day, side of vegetables, tea egg, pickled radish, and choice of white or brown rice.